Which is the best laser for hair removal?

'The Lightsheer Diode laser is clinically proven as the best and most efficient laser for hair removal today. Developed by Harvard Medical School scientists at Wellman Laboratories in Massachusetts General Hospital, the LightSheer Diode Laser achieves more comfortable, more effective, and faster hair removal for most patients than was previously possible with other lasers.

How does hair grow?

Hair growth is cyclical. Each hair follicle passes through a growth phase (anagen), a resting phase (catagen), and a shedding phase (telogen) in which the hair shaft falls out prior to the next growth phase. Typically the cycle lasts some months, varying at different sites on the body. The hair follicle is susceptible to permanent destruction by laser energy during the growth phase (anagen).

How does the Laser treatment work?

The LightSheer TM Diode targets the pigment (melanin) located in the hair follicles. Flashes of laser light cause thermal injury to the targeted hair follicle causing the unwanted hair to fall out and the follicle to be destroyed. This laser also has a chilled tip which automatically cools and protects the surrounding skin on contact whilst directing the laser energy into the pigment of the hair follicle.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number and frequency of treatments required varies for each individual. Factors such as the location and color of unwanted hair as well as skin color, hormonal influences and even some medications can all have an effect and would be discussed at your first appointment.

Is the hair removal permanent?

100% permanent hair removal can never be guaranteed as unfortunately dormant hair follicles may become active later in life in response to hormonal influences, medications and other possible causes.

How safe is the laser treatment?

The LightSheer TM Diode has been successfully used on hundreds of thousands of treatments worldwide with minimal associated problems. Aside from a common transitionary redness and or swelling at the treated site immediately following treatment pigment changes occur typically in 1% of clients. As a precaution and to check for any adverse reaction we test patch all our clients prior to commencement of full treatment.

Can all skin types be treated?

Yes. The LightSheer TM Diode has the ability to treat all skin types.

Can all types of hair be treated?

Yes, all types of hair can be treated with the LightSheer TM Diode Laser and the response in the great majority of patients is very good but blonde, red and grey hair generally will not respond well to treatment due to lack of pigment. All areas of the body can be treated, except the areas in very close proximity to the eyes, inner nose, and inner ear. Studies have evaluated the LightSheer TM Diode Laser in both men and women, with great results.

What are the costs likely to be?

Treatment costs for ongoing treatment thereafter will vary between individuals according to the areas treated as well as the density of unwanted hair growth. At Laser Hair Removal at the Bay we charge by time taken for treatment as opposed to a flat fee for a single area. We believe this is a fairer system because as unwanted hair reduction occurs subsequent treatment times will reduce and in turn cost you less. There is currently no cost for your initial consultation.