This Is Why We Don't Do Sales

In the beauty industry, it's extremely common to see promotions, discounts and red sale banners on beauty services and treatments. You will more often than not see large beauty conglomerates slash prices during season changes, and in the lead up to holidays such as Christmas. 

At face value, what brand wouldn’t take part in a sale? Well, we don’t and there are many other businesses like ours who don't either.

We take great pride in the level and quality of service that we provide our customers, and truly believe in our value. For us to participate in seasonal sales or promotions against the larger conglomerates in our industry, would simply devalue the services we work so hard to provide. 

Since our inception, we have always been dedicated to providing high-quality, safe and effective treatments in our clinics. We strive to lead by value and not by price. All of our staff are qualified nurses, who have been extensively trained to ensure the safety of our clients and treatments. We have always taken the time to understand our client's medical history and skin types/concerns to ensure we tailor our treatments as necessary. Our services aren’t priced so that they can be slashed at the end of the season. We want every customer to be comfortable paying for our services at any time of year, and know that they won’t see that same treatment on sale in 2 weeks.

We don’t do sales because we value our services with an honest and transparent pricing structure. Simply put, we don’t do sales because then we wouldn’t be LHR at the Bay & On Unley.