Dermaplaning Treatment? Yes Please! - A recent client experience

Dermaplaning Treatment! Yes Please! – A recent client experience

We love hearing from our clients on how much they enjoy our treatments at Laser Hair Removal At The Bay & On Unley. Our wonderful client has been kind enough to share her experience when she recently had her first Dermaplane. Read about her Dermaplane experience below!
I had been hearing wonderful things about Dermaplaning at Laser Hair Removal At The Bay & On Unley and how relaxing it was. The amazing feeling of how smooth and soft your skin is after this treatment, however I had one problem, I have a phobia of knives. The thought of letting someone place a surgical scalpel to my face feels me with fear!
After much reassurance I reluctantly decided to give Dermaplaning a go. During my consultation I was shown that the scalpel which has a rounded end so there was no chance of it ‘nicking’ my skin during the treatment.
Lying down on the bed, my skin was cleaned and a pre treatment oil was massaged into my skin. This was to help the blade glide over my skin. The nurse started on my forehead which was a strange tingling almost tickling sensation! I am sure this was my nerves however as she worked down the side of my face I became completely relaxed and found the whole ‘shaving’ motion very soothing.
To help calm my nerves, the nurse told me what she was doing and when she was coming up to more difficult areas like around my nose so I wasn’t worried about the dreaded scalpel however by the time she got to my nose I was extremely relaxed! Who would have ever thought!
The treatment took approximately an hour and was extremely relaxing. At the end you have the added option of an Ultimate Recovery Hydrating Mask by MediK8. This was placed on my face for approximately 10-15 minutes and was well worth having! It felt divine!
After having a snooze on the bed with my soothing mask, the nurse washed my face and popped on sunscreen. I was handed a mirror to see my now smooth glowing skin that didn’t need any make up on at all. I loved it!
The next morning my skin was still glowing and I found my makeup glided evenly onto my face. I have to say I am very impressed with the treatment and definitely having another one in the recommended 4-6 weeks.
Dermaplaning is performed at both the Glenelg and Unley clinic so call the staff today and make your appointment!