Taking A Closer Look At Laser Hair Removal

Taking a Closer Look at Laser Hair Removal
Client safety is our number one priority at Laser Hair Removal At The Bay & On Unley.  We only employ nurses to operate our Grade 4 medical lasers. In Western Australia, only doctors are allowed to operate these lasers as they are extremely powerful and shouldn’t be placed in the hands of underqualified operators.  Unfortunately in South Australia there is no legislation in place to protect clients, so anyone can operate these machines.  Below is an article by Waqar Hassan for examiner.com.  The article points out that there are risks however in the correct hands you can get the results you dream of!
One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the market these days is laser hair removal.  Wouldn’t you be fascinated too if you found out that you could just get rid of unwanted body hair permanently?  It is usually a painless and relatively quick solution to your hair problems, however sometimes it can give rise to some serious irritation when the procedure is performed.  Even though it is widely performed, you may still balk at the thought of it because it has the word ‘laser’ in it, so how could it be safe?  It is essential for you to understand the ramifications of laser hair removal before you decide to opt for it in order to ensure you can get beautiful and safe results.
First things first, you need to know how it works.  The procedure involves directing small laser beam into every hair follicle which burns the follicle beyond repair.  This is self-induced  damage and the area with the ‘zapped’ hair follicles will now be absolutely hairless.  The use of the hair removal laser might make you a bit nervous, but as long as it is done properly, by a qualified doctor or properly trained technician you will most likely not experience any ill side effects.  Most often, side effects occur when the wrong setting is used or the wrong type of laser is used on a particular skin type.  Some lasers are safer on lighter skin than darker, so make sure you ask the right questions when you are evaluating a provider.
Although no invasive action is a part of the entire laser hair removal process, it can still turn out to be.  This is due to the fact that hair follicles are extremely small and staying within the follicle can be highly difficult, even for the most experiences technicians.  There is a risk of infection when this happens and it is something you want to avoid.  However, even though you may have some puncture wounds, they are typically like pinpricks and you just need to keep them sterile and clean while they heal to eliminate the chance of infection.
In most cases, more than one treatment will be needed for permanent laser hair removal. Generally, you will need to get approximately six or more treatments taking your skin type into account.  As the treatment goes on successfully, you should not let down your guard because if you neglect your skin in any way, it could jeopardise your hair follicles and your skin itself by making it vulnerable to dangerous infections.  Hydrating and cleaning products will be recommended and you should be able to keep your skin clean and moisturized with their help.
Remember that you should first consult a dermatologist before you decide to go for laser hair removal.  They can assist  you in preparing your skin for the procedure, discuss with you the laser types available, and can also suggest any precautionary steps you should take specifically for your skin.  This will allow you to get the best possible results from the laser hair removal treatment.  Especially if your skin is sensitive, you need to use a slightly different before and after treatment process than others, to deal with any infection or inflammations.  There might be some discomfort and pain, but you will end up with permanent removal of hair.