The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Hair Removal At The Bay & On Unley’s most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best laser for hair removal? At LHR At The Bay & On Unley, we use the LightSheer Diode Laser which is clinically proven as the most effective laser for hair removal today. A diode laser has the perfect penetration depth to target the hair follicle. Diode Lasers achieve move comfortable, effective and faster hair removal for most clients than was previously possible with other lasers.

2. Is Laser Hair Removal expensive? Here at LHR At The Bay & On Unley, we charge in 5 minute increments as opposed to the area you are having treated. For this reason, treatment costs will vary between individuals according to the areas they are having treated and also the density and colour of the unwanted hair. As unwanted hair reduction occurs, subsequent treatment times will reduce, in turn costing you less.

3. How does Laser Hair Removal work? The LightSheer Diode Laser targets the pigment (melanin) located in hair follicles. Flashes of laser light cause thermal injury to the targeted hair follicle, causing the unwanted hair to fall out and for the follicle to be destroyed. The LightSheer Diode Laser also has a chilled tip which cools and protects the surrounding skin on contact with the laser.

4. Is Laser Hair Removal permanent? 100% permanent hair removal can never be guaranteed through Laser Hair Removal; however, hairs may be permanently removed if that particular follicle is destroyed whilst in the Anagen phase. Laser Hair Removal is most effective when it is in the Anagen phase (active growth phase).  Regardless of how much laser you have, your body will continue to make some new hairs.  Age, hormones and some medication may affect this. If you are ever guaranteed PERMANENT Laser Hair Removal, get that in writing because it is simply not possible.

5. How safe is Laser Hair Removal? The LightSheer Diode Laser has been used effectively on hundreds of thousands of treatments worldwide with minimal problems associated. Aside from a common transitionary redness and/or swelling at the treated site immediately following treatment, pigment changes occur typically in 1% of clients if the laser is used incorrectly or on someone unsuitable for the treatment.

6. How do I get started? After reading through our FAQ’s, you might want to begin Laser Hair Removal… You can do so by contacting the friendly staff at either Laser Hair Removal At The Bay or On Unley to organize yourself a complimentary initial consultation valued at $90 at with one of our qualified nurses. Head to this link to make a booking or contact us on 8295 7070 |