Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal – What’s the difference?

When in search for hair removal methods, you may have come across the options of laser hair removal and also Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal. Many people confuse the two and understand them to be quite similar, if not the same and for this reason many people are unaware that there is a difference.

IPL was originally created to treat other skin conditions such as skin rejuvenation and thread vein treatment. As a result, doctors and patients observed hair loss through these treatments. Lasers are single wavelength devices, meaning that the light source is focused and can target individual hairs. Alternatively, IPL emits a spectrum of various wavelengths meaning that the light source is scattered and not as targeted. Unlike lasers, IPL is unable to use what is known as ‘selective photothermolysis’ (the precise rapid heating of a select structure and surrounding areas). This means many clients are needlessly exposed to unnecessary and/or ineffective radiation compared with the single wavelength from laser hair removal.

As IPL is not pin point accurate, the margin for error is much higher. Many also see inferior results and higher levels of regrowth from IPL as compared to laser hair removal. Both laser hair removal and IPL target the hairs melanin (colour) and are both successful at treating a range of skin types from dark to light skin. Unfortunately, neither are effective at treating grey, red or blonde hair.

Ultimately, both hair removal methods may cause skin damage of burning, scarring or hyper-pigmentation if not handled by a professional who understands the risks and complications associated with laser hair removal and IPL. Unfortunately, there is no regulations currently in Australia to deem who can and cannot be trained to use a laser. You can however, be assured that ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley’ strictly only employ qualified nurses to conduct any treatment behind a laser.

IPL as well as laser hair removal cannot guarantee PERMANENT hair removal. For this reason, ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley’ believe that if you are ever offered permanent hair removal be sure to get that in writing because it simply is not possible.

‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley’ staff feel nothing is more important than the satisfaction and safety of our clients and the education of our team. Your safety is our priority.

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