5 myths that might surprise you about Laser Hair Removal... BUSTED!

We have put together a list of myths that we are often questioned about here at ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley’... 1. Laser Hair Removal works the same for all hair types WRONG! Unfortunately, the lasers used for laser hair removal are unable to treat any areas on the body with Blonde, Red or Grey hair. The laser targets the melanin (colour) in the hair follicle, this is why people with dark hair have the greatest results.

2. Permanent Hair Removal can be achieved in ‘X’ amount of treatments Unfortunately this is untrue. PERMANENT hair removal is never guaranteed by ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay or On Unley’. Permanent hair REDUCTION however, is achievable. Other factors such as ethnicity, genes, ageing or even underlying medical conditions may affect the result achieved from laser hair removal.

3. IPL and Laser Hair Removal are the same Many people confuse Laser Hair Removal with Intense Pulse Light treatment. Both are totally different. There is no laser technology in an IPL whatsoever. An IPL is purely a flash lamp.  Many also see inferior results and higher levels of re-growth from IPL as compared to laser hair removal. Class 4 medical lasers are clinically proven to provide a 30% more effective result than an IPL for hair removal.

4. It is extremely painful We asked a few of our clients what sensation they receive from laser hair removal... mostly they told us it “doesn’t hurt” and “it feels like a small rubber band being flung upon your skin”.  The area being treated may influence the pain as some are more sensitive than others. If you do experience pain throughout your laser hair removal treatment, we suggest our clients apply a numbing cream (such as Emla) to their treated area prior to arriving at the clinic.

5. All lasers are the same Certainly not! There are many lasers on the market; ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley’ both use the Light Sheer DiodeTM, considered the gold standard in laser hair removal. All lasers penetrate to varying depths. The light sheer Diode penetrates below the skin to a depth of 810nannometres. This is considered clinically to be the most effective depth for hair removal.

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