7 Things You Should Know About Laser

  1. Currently in South Australia, there is no legislation in place to govern the LHR industry!  Thankfully LHR At The Bay and On Unley comply with the strictest of safety procedures in accordance with the Australia/ New Zealand standards (AS/NZ 4173:2004).
  2. LHR is only effective on pigmented hair.  For this reason, the treatment is not effective on blonde, red or grey haired clients.
  3. If you have darker skin, a fake tan or have recently been exposed to the sun, your skin will be more likely to absorb the laser, which can sometimes lead to discolouration of your skin. Fortunately, we have nurses who are trained to treat clients of all skin types.
  4. It is important that you see a trained professional for all LHR treatments. Nurses attend to all appointments in our clinics, they are medically trained as opposed to having a beauty therapist who is aesthetically trained.
  5. We charge all clients in 5 minute increments as opposed to the area you are having treated.  The area and density of hair varies between each client which results in different treating time required per individual.  As your treatment times reduce throughout your treatment, so will your cost!
  6. Before any LHR treatment ALWAYS be sure to ask:
    1. What training and qualifications do they have?  Do they have their laser safety qualifications?
    2. If the clinic offers PERMANENT hair removal... Get that in writing! It is simply not possible to guarantee permanent hair removal.  Permanent hair REDUCTION however, can be achieved.
    3. Does the clinic provide a thorough consultation where they assess your skin type, hair colour, medical history and any medications that may affect your treatment?
    4. What type of laser does the clinic use?  Always opt for a Class 4 Medical Laser and don’t get confused with IPL!
  7. The discomfort from LHR can vary between each client.  Most clients find there is only a slight discomfort and some report it feeling like a rubber band being flung upon your skin.  If you find the treatment painful, the nurses may advise you to apply some numbing cream before arriving for your appointment. This is very rare.

Your safety is our priority.

For further information or to organise a complimentary consultation at ‘Laser Hair Removal at the Bay’, head to this link http://www.lhratthebay.com/make-a-booking.html or contacting us on 8295 7070  |  info@lhratthebay.com

The LHR team.