Why the cooler months are the best time to begin or commence your Laser Hair Removal treatment

As the weather becomes cooler, we urge our clients to have their Laser Hair Removal underway. Winter is the best season to have your treatment as you generally do not expose your treated area to the sun nearly as much as you would during the summer months.

When you attend your initial consult at either Laser Hair Removal At The Bay or On Unley, you will be provided with all of the information about Laser Hair Removal, things that you want to know and things that you need to know.

One thing you need to know is that whilst having Laser Hair Removal treatment, the area you are having treated will be significantly more sensitive to the sun. As a part of your post treatment care, the nurses here at Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley advise their clients to be diligent with sunscreen and if possible, to avoid sun exposure to the areas they are having treated.

Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley tend to avoid treating someone who is regularly using sun tanning solariums, has a spray/fake tan or is tanned after a holiday or just from laying in the sun. Clients with darker skin are at a higher risk of complication during laser hair removal treatment as the laser targets the melanin (colour) in the hair follicle. When dark skin accompanies this, it can be much more difficult to treat and can cause hypo pigmentation or hyper pigmentation (lightening and darkening of the skin).

At Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley we only employ nurses who are all extensively trained to treat dark skinned clients. Some of our nurses have completed specialised training in the USA for treating clients with dark skin. This education is not available in Australia. Our nurses are not only trained on the equipment but are also aware of the risks and factors associated with laser hair removal.

For these reasons, beginning or commencing your Laser Hair Removal treatment in the cooler months is a great way to not only ensure your safety by avoiding the sun but also to prepare you for the warmer months where you can have a lovely hairless Summer!

Both Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley sell a number of sunscreens, suitable for all different skin types. Ask us for more information next time you are in the clinic.

Make Laser Hair Removal a priority and organise a complimentary consultation valued at $90 at Laser Hair Removal At The Bay or On Unley with one of our qualified nurses. Head to this link http://www.lhratthebay.com/make-a-booking.html or contact us on 8295 7070 or info@lhratthebay.com
The LHR team.