What Should You Know About Your Clinic?

What you should know about your clinic before you begin laser hair removal. Don’t be afraid to ask the following questions:

Here at ‘Laser Hair Removal at the Bay and on Unley’, we pride ourselves in employing the strictest of safety standards that go above and beyond industry standards. For this very reason, we encourage anyone considering laser hair removal to seek out as much information as possible about their desired clinic.

Owner and operator of ‘Laser Hair Removal at the Bay and on Unley’, registered Nurse, Veronica Denwick has provided 5 questions anyone should ask before beginning or commencing laser hair removal;

1. What training do the laser operators have? Do they have their laser safety qualifications? Are they qualified nurses or beauty therapists?   2. If the clinic guarantees ‘permanent’ laser hair removal – get that in writing! It is simply impossible to guarantee permanent hair removal of any kind. Permanent hair ‘reduction’ however, can be achieved.

3. Does the clinic provide a thorough consultation where they asses your skin type, hair colour, medical history and medications that may affect your suitability for laser?

4. Has the clinic had many clients and have they had much experience?

5. What type of laser does the clinic use? Find a clinic that uses a class 4 medical laser and make sure you’re not confused with IPL (this is Intense Pulsed Light therapy and can often be misconceived as a laser). ‘Laser Hair Removal at the Bay and on Unley’ use the LightSheerTM Diode Laser which is considered to be the gold standard in laser hair removal.

After reading these questions, we are sure you had some desired answers in your mind. If your current clinic does not comply with these questions, you can be guaranteed that ‘Laser Hair Removal at the Bay and on Unley’ does.

Your safety is our priority. To organise a complimentary consultation at ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay or On Unley’, head to this link http://www.lhratthebay.com/make-a-booking.html or contacting us on 8295 7070  |  info@lhratthebay.com

The LHR team.