What to look out for when searching for a clinic

Currently in South Australia, the Laser Hair Removal industry remains largely unregulated. This makes finding information and the right clinic in the hands of the consumer somewhat of a challenge. LHR At The Bay and On Unley comply with strict set of safety standards that go above and beyond state legislation. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision...

The nurses at LHR At The Bay and On Unley cannot stress the importance of having a fully qualified nurse attend to all of your LHR treatments and initial consultations. Always be sure to find out what qualifications the staff have and who will administer your treatment. We employ fully qualified nurses who also hold their laser safety qualifications to attend to all treatments and initial consultations. These nurses are not only trained on the equipment but are also aware of any medical conditions or medications that may affect your treatment.

Consultation and Medication
Before commencing full LHR treatment, it is imperative that you have an initial consultation where your skin and hair type, any medications or medical conditions is assessed and you are provided a full understanding of the treatment. Our nurses are not only trained in the LHR industry but have extensive training in the medical industry also.

Don’t fall for special offers, unrealistic expectations or false guarantees

While LHR treatment may seem expensive, you are far better off paying for your treatments as you go. Don’t fall for pre-pay options for a treatment that may not even work for you. We are ALWAYS honest with our clients from the start and we provide you with realistic expectations.

You can be assured when visiting the nurses at LHR At The Bay and On Unley that they all hold their laser safety qualifications and are fully qualified nurses. These experts are not only trained on the laser equipment but are also aware of the risks and factors associated with the treatment. You can also be guaranteed that you will be provided entirely realistic expectations upon your arrival in the clinic.

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