Tips from the Nurses at Laser Hair Removal

LASER HAIR REMOVAL 101: Tips from the nurses at Laser Hair Removal At The Bay & On Unley

The cooler months have just started which is the perfect time to target your unwanted hair and we are here to help you achieve your goal!

Winter is often our hibernation time, we cover ourselves up and let our hair grow. If you can’t bare to touch another razor to your legs again or feel that slow burn of wax on your lady parts, perhaps you should consider laser hair removal. Here are a few tips!

The most common body parts people perform laser hair removal are the face, underarms, bikini and leg areas and the most common questions are focussed on safety.

Is laser hair removal suited to everyone? Or is waxing the best answer?
For people with darker hair and lighter skin tones, laser hair removal is absolutely safe and well suited. For people with medium brown, dark brown or black skin tones, laser hair removal both in clinics and at home is not safe to use. There are specific lasers that work on people with darker skin, but this is only safely done in the professional clinics with particular lasers and by very skilled nurses.

What are the biggest differences between laser hair removal and waxing?
The biggest difference is laser hair removal leads to permanent reduction in the number of hair follicles that grow. It disables the hair follicle stem cells so the hair cannot grow back. Waxing simply yanks the hair out of the follicle which is why it will grow back. Laser also offers the added benefit of the prevention of ingrown hairs. Laser results are long lasting and work our more cost effective in the long run.

What is your advice for someone considering laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal only works when used as directed. You need to ensure you are willing to do the recommended course of treatment to get the results. The great thing is, if you do stick with it, you will have permanent results.

When is the best time to start laser hair removal?
We recommend laser hair removal in the cooler months particularly to more exposed areas for a number of reasons. Firstly, having laser hair removal treatment may make your skin more sensitive to the sun so hence this is why we encourage you to wear 30/50+ SPF. Secondly, it is difficult for us to treat you safely whilst you actually have a tan, be it a real sun induced tan or a fake tan. Simply put, the darker you skin the more energy from the laser will be absorbed, therefore, putting your skin at risk of, worst case scenario, burns, blistering and pigmentation.

Make laser hair removal a priority for you this year and organise a complimentary consultation valued at $90 at ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay or On Unley’ with one of our qualified nurses. Head to this link or contact us on 8295 7070 |
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