Laser Hair Removal, How Does It Work?

Laser Hair Removal, how does it work?
Many people get confused about laser hair removal and it’s not surprising hearing some of the promises that other clinics may offer!  Laser Hair Removal At The Bay & On Unley will always tell you that we can do a permanent reduction of hair not permanent removal of all your hair.  Is there a difference... yes!  We can reduce your hair however no one can guarantee that it will NEVER grow back.
How does it work?  Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair at the root to damage the follicle.  The energy from the laser enters the skin and is absorbed by melanin surrounding the hair follicle.  Melanin is naturally present in the hair follicle, and when targeted with the laser at the right stage of hair growth, the hair follicle overheats damaging the bulb, preventing further hair growth.  Laser will not work on grey, blonde or red hair as there is not enough melanin present in the hair follicle.
For best results multiple sessions are recommended to ensure all the hairs are caught over the differing hair cycle growths.  Just like with exercising or following a diet, to achieve the best results you need to follow a plan.  With laser hair removal it is the same.  It works best when you follow the recommended sessions to achieve the best results.  Approximately 8 sessions from 4 to 8 weeks apart will see a significant difference in hair growth.  Sticking to your laser hair removal plan and not skipping sessions will give you the best results!