Tips For Choosing A Safe Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Tips for choosing a safe laser hair          removal clinic
Veronica Denwick from Laser hair removal at the Bay and on Unley believes that is important to ask the right questions to ensure you are in safe hands if you are looking to have Laser hair removal. 
 South Australia has no legislation in place to govern the laser hair removal industry. Veronica believes that this is long overdue and legislation would protect clients from potential injuries and the lack of results that may occur from treatments with an inexperienced practitioner.
Veronica recommends asking the following questions to help you assess if you will be in safe hands.
Laser hair removal at the Bay only employs nurses who hold their laser safety certificate and have had extensive training to ensure safe treatments for their clients.
1. Ask what training and qualifications the staff has? Who will be doing your treatment? Are they qualified? Do they have their Laser safety qualifications? Are they qualified nurses or beauty therapists.  
2. If the clinic offers you “permanent” hair removal, then get that in writing! It is simply not possible to guarantee “permanent hair removal”. Permanent reduction can be achieved.  
3. The clinic should provide a thorough consultation.  Did they assess your skin type and hair colour?  There are many other assessments that should be made also including medical history and medications that may affect treatment and outcomes.
4. Ask the clinic how many clients they have treated? Have they had much experience? 
5. Ask your friends and family for a recommendation to a reputable clinic
6. Ask the clinic about the type of Laser they use. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is frequently advertised as a Laser. IPL is not a laser. Find a clinic that uses a class 4 medical Laser.  The Light Sheer Diode is good for all skin types and considered to be the gold standard for laser hair removal.
Veronica Denwick has travelled extensively overseas and networks with leaders in the field in the USA thus seeking out the best possible training in the industry to ensure a safe environment for her clients.
Your safety is our priority and we will be happy to discuss with you more about what laser hair removal is during an initial consultation with one of our nurses at ‘Laser Hair Removal At The Bay and On Unley’.
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